4th Grade

Teacher photo


Mrs Jill Tobey


8:10am - 3:20pm (School Day)


CM Upper Elementary
Room: C108


Class Details

Fourth Grade

1.   Compass Learning

2.  ScootPad

4.  Easy CBM Test

5. ABCya Fourth Grade

6.  Facts 4 Me

7. Study Jam

8.  Reflex Math

9. Prodigy

10. Envision Math Game Center 

11. Kahoot.it

Mother's Day

Books to Read online

1) http://www.storylineonline.net/  

2) Reading Counts Books read aloud

3) Epic

Keyboard Practice

1.   Nitro Type

Cursive Handwriting Create/Print

1. Cursive Handwriting Create and Print



1. How to draw Santa's face video by Art Hub 30 minute draw along lesson

2.  How to draw Santa's face video by Doodle Art Easy 5 minute lesson

3. How to draw Santa's sleigh video by Doodle Art Easy 5 minute lesson

4.How to draw Rudolph by Doodle Art Easy 5 minute video lesson

5. How to draw a cartoon pine tree by Doodle Art Easy 5 minute video lesson


Pearson Realize

Rounding Numbers: several game choices from Math Nook

Rounding Numbers:  Half Court Game

Rounding Numbers: Pirate Game

Rounding Numbers Game ABCya

Place Value Games: Johnnies' Math Page

Khan Multidigit multiplication practice

Khan 2 digit X 2 digit practice

Multiple and Factor Games on Sheppard Software

1. Math Facts Pro14.

2. Multiplication Flash Cards

3. Multiplication.com

4. Math Chimp for 4th Grade

5. Johnnie's Math Page

6. Cool Math 4 Kids

7. Turtle Diary Fourth Grade Games

8.  Mathplayground

9. Multiplication self-correcting quizzes

10. Multiplication Flying High Race

11. Multiplication Road Rally Race


12.  Khan Academy practice 4 digit by 1 digit with regrouping

12. Khan Academy video and practice for 2 digit X 2 digit multiplication

13.  Long Division Video:  Math Playground

14.  Long Division Video:  Khan Academy

14b.  Long Division Practice

15. Long Division dividing by 2 digits

15. Long Division Game/Practice

16a. Shape Patterns 

16b. Number Patterns Input/output  

16c.Number Patterns with + & X

16d. Number Pattern Function Machine

17.  Khan Academy Fractions

17b.  Comparing Fishy Fractions

18. Multiplying Fractions

19. Khan Academy Fractions

20. Comparing Fractions: Creature Capture

21. Pizza Fractions (equivalent fraction practice)

22. Adding Fractions to 1: Feed Me Fractions!

23. Math Playground Fraction Games

24a. Equivalent Fraction on Number Line

24b.  Fractions on a Number Line

24. Creating Equivalent Fractions

25. Adding Decimals to 1

25a.  Writing decimals Khan Academy

26. Adding Decimals: Hungry Puppies

27. Comparing Decimals: Fruit Splat

28. Geometry Games/Activities

29. Geometry Math Games

30.Area and Perimeter

31. Khan Academy Area and Perimeter

32. Estimate Angles to Rescue Aliens

32b. Acute, obtuse or right angle?

32c. Use a protractor tutorial and practice

33. Measuring

33a. Convert Metric Measurements

33b. Build a shed by converting measurements

33c.  A variety of measurement games

34. Adding Money: BINGO

35.National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

36.Create a Graph

37. A Math Dictionary for Kids


1. Comic Speaking Bubbles

2.  Story Makers

3.  Comic Strip Capers

4.  Inference Riddle

5.  Study Zone

6. Wacky Web Tales

7. Story Place

8. Word Girl

9.  Homophones

10.  Turtle Diary ELA

11. Verb Viper

12.Giraffe Carts Grammar

13. Word Invasion

14. Word Frog

15.Elephant Feed

16. 4th Grade Reading Passages and questions

17. Super Word Toss Synonyms and Antonyms

18. Ice Cream Talk - nouns and verbs

19. Parts of Speech Quest


1.  Brain Pop - Science

2.  Nourish Interactive

3. Consumersenergy.com/kids

4.   Science Games

Food Chain and Web


Food Chain Game

Make Food Chains

Food Chains

Producer-Consumer-Decomposer Game

Omnivore, Herbivore, or Carnivore?


1. Can you fill it?

2. Volume: Video

3. Temperature: Finding the Dew Point: Video

4. Use Measurement to Fix Ziff's house

5. Estimate using paper clips

6. Animal Weigh In



1. Switch Zoo

2.  Build an online habitat

3.  Build a Biome

4.  Please Do Feed the Animals

5.  Scavengers Hunt

6.  Meerkat Grab-a-Snack



2. magnazone


4. Push and Pull



1. Build electric circuits

2. Consumers Energy

Moon / Solar System

Earth, Moon, Sun Interactive

Social Studies

Plimoth Plantation Virtual Tour

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