2nd Grade

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Mrs Jill Babbitt


8:10am - 3:20pm (School Day)


CM Upper Elementary
Room: B106


Class Details

Welcome To Second Grade In Room B106

                With Mrs. Babbitt

Scholastic Online Book Order Number:  J8NLN

The Internet can be a great learning resource when monitored carefully, to support your child's education.  Below I have listed some great websites.  Some websites are designed so children can listen to books and read the words along with the reader,thus  increasing their sight word vocabulary.  Many authors can also be heard reading their titles on their websites. Other websites encourage spelling, math and other topics as well.  





Reading and Math Website

Moby Max: link

Reading Websites  

1.  Story Line On Line: link

2.  Reading Planet: link

3.  Story:  link

4.  Stories To Grow By: link   

5. Robert Munsch: link

6. Reading Counts & SRI: link

7. Spelling City: link

8. mel.org: link

Math Websites:


8. enVision Math link

9. . Addition: link

10. Alien Addition Game: link 

11. Math Blocks: link 

12. Telling Time: link

13. Make A Graph: link

14.  Subtraction Games: link

15.  Minus Mission: link

16.  Khan Noregrouping Subtraction Practice: link   

17.  Khan Regrouping Subtraction Practice: link    

18.  Khan Fractions: link 

19.   Scoot Pad: link

20.  Timed Addition & Subtraction: link     

21.   Houghton Mifflin Math: link

22.  Shark Place Value: link

23.  Coin Values: link

24.  Count Money: link


26.  Reflex Fast Math Facts Games link

27.  Teach Your Monster To Read link

28.  Prodigy Math link

29. Typing

30. Nitro: link

31. Starfall link

32. Interactiviesites.weebly link

33.  ABCya link

34.  getepic link

35. getepic  link












September News:  I'm especially thinking of you this summer and hoping you are out enjoying the sun.  I believe all children are truly special, and I'm excited about having you join our class! It will be nice getting to know you and your family!  You will have the opportunity to learn many things and make friends   Do you have a favorite book?  You and your family may be getting excited about school supplies and wondering what you'll need.  Be sure to write your name on personal items. A permenant marker will be available in our room.

The most important items are:        1.  Backpack-Needed Everyday

                                                        2. Tennis Shoes-For Physical Education

                                                        3. Water Bottle 

                                                        4. Healthy Snack to Share (such as a box of cereal or crackers)

                                                        5. Favorite Book You Can Read For Your Book Box

You may choose to bring any or all of the following:

                                                         6.  Dry Erase Markers

                                                         7.  Glue Sticks or Bottle of Liquid Glue

                                                         8.  Hand Sanitizer

                                                         9.  Kleenex

                                                        10.  Napkins


You are invited to visit during our important open house on Tuesday, August 26th from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Second graders will start in the cafeteria at 4:00 p.m. with family and teachers.  I hope you will be able to join us.  Coming to the open house will give you a chance to become familiar with our new building, to find our room, bathrooms, and where your locker and mailbox are located.   I am looking forward to meeting with you and your parents to discuss our communication envelope, curriculum, health issues, safety and many other important details.  

Look for the orange pumpkin hanging on our door.  Oh by the way, I especially like to see children smile, so please bring a smile to share with a friend.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!  

Mrs. Babbitt