Mission Statement

Our Mission

Quality education for all students.

The staff of Central Montcalm Middle School understands quality education to include several components. At Central Montcalm Middle School, a quality education is up-to-date and challenging. It involves working and learning with students to help them become worthwhile members of society. Quality education at Central Montcalm Middle School allows for success, builds self-esteem and develops self-direction. Based on the latest and best research, Central Montcalm Middle School's quality education develops useful basic skills and a good knowledge base. Finally, a quality education at Central Montcalm Middle School requires commitment and encourages doing one's best in all things.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that students at Central Montcalm Middle School possess unique characteristics that separate them from the total school population. These include confusion about identify, self criticism, need for peer group acceptance, rapid changes in mood, highly questioning behavior, and physiological changes.
  • We believe the middle school is fundamental in the transition from a self-contained elementary classroom setting to the departmentalization and specialized instruction of the high school.
  • We further believe that this school is committed to the development of academic skills as well as those behaviors that allow an individual to function as a responsible member of society.
  • We believe that the success of the entire school program is directly dependent upon the cooperation and mutual acceptance of responsibility of not only professional staff, but of all employees.