District Highlights

Our school district has a reputation for quality and a record of many successes and accomplishments.

Highlights about the Central Montcalm Public School system include:

  • A strategic planning process is in place to continually improve the quality of programs for our students and customers.
  • The District School Improvement Team reviews and evaluates curriculum, updates teaching materials on a regular basis and recommends professional development activities to improve teaching and learning.
  • Many educational choices are available to families in our community. these range from choice of school district, to selecting from strong single-grade classrooms or a team-taught multiage classrooms at the elementary level.
  • A strong vocational education program is available to interested students at the Montcalm Area Career Center.
  • Montcalm Community College, located in Central Montcalm School District, offers educational programs beyond high school and enhances the quality of life within the school district.

Please review the District School Improvement Plan and our Central Issue Newsletter for other highlights and successes in our school district.